Mes Beaux-Arts

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Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli (designer). The Picture Hall of the Catherine Palace; with carved doors flanked by gilded caryatids, and in the centre of the dessus-de-portes, a depiction of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and patroness of trades and science, reclining on a mirror brought by Cupid; and a ceiling painting of Mount Olympus, a post-war copy of the work above the Jordan Staircase in the Winter Palace that was painted by Gaspare Diziani. 1752-1756. Picture collection consists of 112 paintings.
Paintings include: Pierre Denis Martin. The Battle of Poltava and The Battle of Lesnaya. 1717; Jean-Marc Nattier. An Allegory of Sculpture and An Allegory of Music. ca 1715; Simon de Vos. The Magnanimity of Scipio Africanus. ca. 1641; Jan van Huysum. Flowers in a Vase. 17th century; Jacques Blanchard. Jupiter and Danaë. ca. 1829; as well as: architectural compositions by Emanual de Witte, genre paintings by Adrian van Ostade and David Teniers, landscapes by Jan Both, still lifes by David de Gem and Jan Feyt, battle scenes by Jacques Curtois (Burginogne), mythological and biblical scenes by Jacques Blanchard, Luke Gorgiano and others.
Paintings: oil on canvas. Door carvings: gilt-wood. 
The Catherine Palace. Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, Russia.
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